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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Three Tips from InstaParking for Christmas Airport Parking Discounts

christmas airport parking discounts
The easiest way to get Christmas Airport Parking Discounts is to make a reservation

Christmas Airport Parking Discounts

At InstaParking, we preach this every chance we get - the easiest way to get airport parking discounts is to park off-airport and make a reservation. Getting Christmas Airport Parking Discounts is not different. Here are a few options:
But wait there is more... here are 2 more tips for Christmas Airport Parking Discounts:
  1. Keep an eye out for articles on holiday tips from your airport particularly if you prefer on-airport parking. Unless the on-airport parking is full, these articles will not necessarily help you with Christmas Airport Parking Discounts, but they will let you know if they are doing any parking deals or if they are offering additional parking services. In the Airport Parking News section below is an example from Denver International Airport, DIA Offers Tips, Fun for Travelers this Holiday Season.
  2. Take advantage of a Park, Sleep, and Fly Hotel Package to get Christmas Airport Parking Discounts. Take some stress out of your trip to the airport and stay in a hotel the night before that includes airport parking. Check out our partner site for more info or =use the code "DEC15" for 15% Off Deposit at ParkSleepFly for December! Expires Dec 31!
Read the entire 3 Tips for Christmas Airport Parking Discounts on InstaParking.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Airport Pet Boarding in InstaPakring News

airport pet boarding
Keep an Eye Out for Airport Pet Boarding Near You!

Airport Pet Boarding

We love today's lead story. We reported on the landscape of airport pet boarding with airport parking in a post back in September titled "Airport Parking Pet Boarding". We pointed out how convenient services like this are and how this is an emerging service near many airports across the country. Because it is emerging, you will find many different marketing and pricing models as managers try to find a business model that works in their community.
From the outside, the model for the partnership between Park'N Ticket and Airport Park'N Bark is pretty simple. Pet owners will pay a premium for a convenient airport pet boarding solution that more than covers the parking. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but we think that this should turn into a long term partnership. Read More on Airport Pet Boarding at InstaParking

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bob Hope Airport Continues to Struggle with Uber and Lyft

bob hope airport struggling with ridesharing
Bob Hope Airport is Feeling the Effects of Uber and Lyft

Bob Hope Airport is Going to Charge Uber and Lyft Drivers

We love reporting on disruptive technology and processes, particularly when the challenge the quasi-government agencies that run airports. We wrote an editorial on ridesharing and specifically the Bob Hope Airport in October - Bob Hope Airport Ride Sharing. We pointed out the issues being faced by airports due to ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. We also referenced an article that had some numbers to back-up the erosion of airport run businesses like airport parking.
In today's lead story, Bob Hope Airport is back in the ridesharing news. The story references the lost parking revenue and a new traffic plan for Uber and Lyft. Oh and by the way, Uber and Lyft drivers will now be charged $3 per half hour to wait for passengers to pick-up. I am sure that eventually this charge will be passed on to Uber and Lyft customers and the airport's hope is that it will deter people from using the service...
We have touched on disruptive innovations that are affecting airports in the past including last Thursday's post and two posts in September:
Use the comment section at the bottom of this post to let us know about your Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Experience. Read the rest of this story on InstaParking - Bob Hope Airport Continues to Struggle with Uber and Lyft

Thursday, November 5, 2015

How Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing is Disrupting the Airport

peer-to-peer car sharing
How Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing is Disruptive to Airports

Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing is Disrupting Entrenched Airport Businesses

We have touched on disruptive innovations that are affecting airports in the past including two posts in September:
Based on Uber in the title, you can guess that both articles cover how ride sharing is disruptive to existing airport businesses including taxis, buses, etc. They do touch on Car Sharing, but in terms of how companies like Zip Car have affected rental car operations at the airport.
Today's lead story covers the re-branding of RelayRides as Turo to better position their brand for international expansion. If you have never heard of RealyRides, they are a peer-to-peer car sharing service based in San Francisco. If you are a regular reader of InstaParking news, you may remember our coverage of Flightcar. Or, you may have heard of GetAround, another peer-to-peer car sharing competitor.The basic idea is that when you get to the airport instead of paying for parking, you hand your keys over to someone who rents your car. In this scenario, the airport loses rental car revenue and parking revenue. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming months. 
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Holiday Airport Parking Reservation - InstaParking

holiday airport parking reservation
Have you made your Holiday Airport Parking Reservation?

Make Your Holiday Airport Parking Reservation Now

We are going to keep it short and to the point today. We are rehashing a subject covered a few posts ago in "Thanksgiving Airport Parking Reservations". It is now November and before you know it Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be here. A great way to help alleviate the stress of travel is to have a holiday airport parking reservation.  You can go back and read the "Thanksgiving Airport Parking Reservations" post, but here are the key takeaways.
Here are a few options for your Holiday Airport Parking Reservation:
thanksgiving airport parking reservation
Not sure what Park, Sleep and Fly is? Check out our partner site,, which is devoted to Park, Sleep, and Fly Hotel Packages. Or, you can jump right in and look for hotels at your airport and make a reservation on Park Sleep Fly
Use the comment section at the bottom of this post to let us know what your Holiday Airport Parking Reservation secrets are.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Airport Parking Enforcement: Police or Customer Service?

Should parking enforcement personnel's number one job be a police officer or a customer service representative?
airport parking enforcement
What direction should Airport Parking Enforcement take?

Airport Parking Enforcement

I live in a town in New Jersey that has seen booming growth in the last couple years. It has become a year around hot spot, particularly on weekends in the summer. A couple years ago, the town numbered all the street parking spots and installed automatic parking meters. There was push back because we all hate change and even more so when something that we have gotten for free for so long is now a paid service.
Outside of the knee-jerk complaints, there were real problems with the technology. The machines broke down and wouldn't always accept payments. The technology problems were compounded by confusing signs on the paid parking hour. The result was numerous tickets being written in a short period of time. The local paper wrote an article on the issue, which I wish I could find online to link to. In addition to outlining the issues and economics of the paid parking, there were a couple paragraphs on parking tickets and the takeaway was that no tourist should come to town and leave with a parking ticket.
Parking enforcement is a tricky proposition. In the tourist town example above, if a tourist gets a ticket, will they ever come back? The same is for airport parking enforcement. There are definitely safety concerns in a post-911 society, but were do you draw the line. Do tickets really solve the problem or create a burden for everyone? Tickets create administrative issues throughout the collection process. How often do the penalties go uncollected? If parking enforcement acts as customer service people that are knowledgeable about the technology and parking process, they become leaders that can direct patrons to properly make payments. The result is a win-win. Positive cash flow for parking with payment coming on time with no collection concerns and the other side of the equation is a positive customer experience.
parking enforcement to thanksgiving airport parking reservationThe lead story, "Policing the Parking Garage - Parking Enforcement", covers this topic further. Where do you stand on parking enforcement? Should parking enforcement be police or customer service? Let us know in the comment section at the bottom of the page.
Also, if you did not see Tuesday's past on "Thanksgiving Airport Parking Reservations", and you are traveling for the coming holidays or anytime soon, you should read now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Airport Parking Reservation

Thanksgiving Airport Parking Reservation
Have you made your Thanksgiving Airport Parking Reservation?

Make Your Thanksgiving Airport Parking Reservation Now

Holloween is not even over yet, but if you have not already made your travel plans, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year in the United States. You make hotel and airline reservations well before Thanksgiving to ensure your travel is stress-free. So, why haven't you made an Airport Parking Reservation?
It's Thanksgiving, Airlines and Hotels book up. And, airport parking lots also fill up. Making a Thanksgiving airport parking reservation is just as easy as making a Hotel reservation. There are airport parking reservation sites available that are much like the big travel sites, just choose your airport, set your dates, and choose an airport parking lot. In most cases, you can save over 50% off your parking by making a reservation.
Here are a few options for your Thanksgiving Airport Parking Reservation:
thanksgiving airport parking reservationAnother Thanksgiving airport parking reservation option is Park, Sleep, and Fly. Park Sleep and Fly Airport Hotel Packages are a great option for those that need a long term airport parking option but live a long way from an airport,  have one of those very early flights, or both. Usually, the programs are priced competitively with on-airport long-term airport parking.  For example, you may be able to get a hotel room for one night with 14 days of airport parking for $100.00 whereas parking on-airport for $70 a week will be $140.  You saved 28% on airport parking plus got a hotel room near the airport for a less stressful trip to the airport.
One of our partner sites, is devoted to Park, Sleep, and Fly Hotel Packages and you can jump right in and look for hotels at your airport and make a reservation on Park Sleep Fly
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Friday, October 23, 2015

Automating Airport Transportation and Parking via InstaParking

Every Tuesday and Thursday InstaParking gives you a round-up of news that matters for Airport Parking operators and patrons.
Automating Airport Transportation
Automating Airport Transportation in Today's InstaParking News

Automating Airport Transportation and Parking

In Tuesday's InstaParking News post, we covered Airport Parking Loyalty Programs. In the post, we included InstaPerks as an example of a very simple off-line parking loyalty solution. The lead story covered the Airport Parking Loyalty program being implemented at Dayton International Airport, which definitely had an online component.
Today's lead story covers the advances being made by ADVAM for automating airport transportation and parking. ADVAM's solution includes airport parking loyalty programs, but it is just one small component. In their solution, ADVAM is addressing pain points beyond parking including automating airport transportation and staff parking. We feel the key component to their solution is ticketless parking. The parker manages their own account and once registered can enter, park and exit at will. For the parker. there is no more waiting in line to make a manual payment. For parking operators, staff leveling becomes easier and they gain valuable insight into their customers parking usage. 
See the complete Automating Airport Transportation post on

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Airport Parking Loyalty Programs

Every Tuesday and Thursday InstaParking gives you a round-up of news that matters for Airport Parking operators and patrons.
parking loyalty programs
Does your airport offer Parking Loyalty Programs?

Airport Parking Loyalty Programs

In today's lead story, Dayton International Airport is starting a loyalty program called DAYperks. We are surprised that more airports do not have parking loyalty programs. Or, maybe we are not surprised. Airport parking loyalty programs are popular among off-airport parking operators and most offer some sort of airport parking incentive program.
InstaPerks Parking Loyalty Programs
Sample Punch Cards for Parking Loyalty Programs
When InstaParking managed airport parking, we offered a program called InstaPerks. The InstaPerks Parking Loyalty Program was a simple punch card system that was easy to implement and manage. The punch cards are business cards printed in color on 2 sides and we used a special punch that was shaped like a car. All in, this parking loyalty program can be setup for under $30.
There are a few reasons we are not surprised that more airports are not implementing parking loyalty programs for their on-airport lots:
  • If lots are full or running close to capacity, why bother implementing a parking loyalty program.
  • A simple program like the InstaPerks parking loyalty program is probably not feasible when you consider the airport probably is required to go through a formal bidding process.
  • The human return on investment. Going through the trouble of managing a bidding process, then implementation and monitoring the ongoing program takes human capital and is the amount needed for a parking loyalty program worth the return?
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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Airport Parking Expansion and The Parking Spot Acquisition

Every Tuesday and Thursday we give you a round-up of news that matters for Airport Parking operators and patrons.
airport parking expansion
Airport Parking Expansion in the News

Airport Parking Expansion

What are the things that stress you when you fly? Getting to your gate on time? Getting to the Airport? Where to park? To answer the last question, there is always a balancing act between, price, convenience, reliability, and availability. Even if the price is not a concern, the short-term lots fill up and unreliable shuttles and long distances from long-term and economy parking lots opens up the market for off-airport operators. One of these operators, The Parking Spot, has made a splash over the last 5 years plus. Their airport parking expansion has included opening new facilities at new airports, as well as acquiring existing airport parking operations.
In today's lead story, The Parking Spot has acquired an existing operation at the St. Louis Airport. This will be their second operation in St. Louis. While you are performing the "where to park" balancing act in your head, the players in the parking business are playing a parking balancing act at a much bigger scale.
Airport parking expansion involves a lot of players and even for an off-airport operator like The Parking Spot, the airport is still a major stakeholder. At the very basic level, The Parking Spot needs permission from the airport to access the grounds with their shuttles to pick up and drop off customers. So, the airport is acting as both a competitor for parking customers and a governing body for granting airport access. At times, this can be a very tenuous relationship. During times of growth and strong budget position, these relationships work well. In a downturn when airports have budget issues, the easiest step by an airport is to squeeze the off-airport parking operators and customers. Read the entire post on Airport Parking Expansion.