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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Denver Airport Parking Flap: DIA's Demand for a Piece of the Gross

Feb 22, 2011 - Alan Prendergast - Denver Westword Blogs -- Vowing to "run this airport like a business," Denver Airport manager Kim Day recently announced a ten-year financial strategy to keep operations in the black while funding a billion-dollar expansion plan. But some of DIA's longtime vendors and contractors say they're the ones getting the business from the airport's efforts to boost revenues.

As reported here a few weeks ago, the operator of the Auntie Anne's Soft Pretzels concession has complained that several small outlets are being squeezed out of the airport to make way for more upscale offerings -- even though, the operator contends, DIA will be losing lease revenues in the meantime. And off-site parking company officials are now in heated negotiations with the city in the wake of staggering hikes in the fees DIA wants from them for the privilege of picking up and dropping off customers at the terminal.

Until two months ago, DIA charged the off-site lots a flat access fee for every trip onto airport property. Now, though, the airport is demanding 8 percent of gross revenues, plus a surcharge for every time one of their vehicles lingers for more than fifteen minutes collecting or discharging customers.  Read More

Search Airport Parking Commentary:  Unfortunately this act is playing out at many airport around the country as airports try to deal with budget shortfalls by going after the outside operators. In addition to parking operators, Airports are going after car rental, taxis, limos, shuttles, buses, and airport hotels.  These charges will be passed on to the customer in the form of higher parking rates, higher car rental rates, higher taxi fares, etc. So, in the end it is the airport customer that is paying for the shortfalls instead of airport management making a business decision and cut costs.

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