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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Airport Welcomes Uber in Today's News Roundup - Sep 29, 2015

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airport welcomes uber
Is Your Airport Welcoming Ride Sharing or Telling Them to Take a Hike?

Three Cheers for the Sarasota-Bradenton International! Airport Welcomes Uber!

Last week we editorialized about airports keeping Lyft and Uber off their grounds. In general, how airports and quasi-government entities as a whole resist change and disruptive innovation. Ride sharing services are just the latest disruptive innovation to be blocked. ZipCar and other car sharing services went through the same issues a decade ago and off-airport parking operators have been struggling to deal with the airport entities for years.
However, There are forward looking people, even in quasi-government entities, which realize that the convenience of ride sharing is a good thing. It's good customer service and makes happy customers. Happy customers are good for business. Where McCarran banned Uber and Lyft, Sarasota-Bradenton Airport welcomes Uber in with open arms. They have changed airport policy to make it easier for the customers to take advantage of ride sharing. That is why we should prase the folks at Sarasota Bradenton.
Here is today's InstaParking Airport Parking News. Give us your comments at the bottom of this post.

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport cuts landing fees, gives people -- and Uber -- longer to pick up people

Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport has extended its free short-term parking time to make room for Uber. That change and a 28 percent decrease in landing fees were part of Monday's approval of the Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority’s 2016 fiscal year budget.
The airport welcomes Uber and other network transportation services this summer. Under the current agreement, network drivers pick up passengers from the parking lot instead of from a traditional cab hub. Bumping the free period from 20 to 30 minutes will give the drivers more time to wait without adding a $2 parking fee onto the passenger's tab, said airport CEO Frederick “Rick” Piccolo. Read More>>

City Council approves next phase of new Charlotte Douglas airport concourse Monday

Charlotte City Council approved spending $7.8 million on the next piece of a major airport expansion plan Monday: a new concourse that will add gates where rental cars once parked.
The concourse will be located just north of the existing Concourse A, with nine new gates for jets to load and unload passengers. Charlotte Douglas International Airport currently has 96 gates, so the additional capacity will push it over 100.
Charlotte Douglas is starting a big new round of construction that’s expected to take the next decade to complete. The airport will expand the roadway in front of the terminal from three lanes to eight, add tunnels and skybridges for pedestrians, expand the terminal lobby and add a fourth parallel runway. Read More>>

Aviation News - Updated Parking Workshop Agenda Available

An updated agenda, including a variety of newly confirmed speakers, is available for the Parking and Landside Management Workshop. The meeting is scheduled for Oct. 19-20 in Dallas, Texas.
The workshop will address issues surrounding the key areas of operations, parking and customers. Find out how you can enhance your airport's parking and shuttle bus operations; learn about TNC best practices and lessons learned; discover how to use parking products to optimize facility use; hear about current issues in revenue control; learn how to use customer surveys and focus groups; and find out what your passengers expect and want. Read More>>

Inside Business: Fargo airport launches parking reservation service

For a premium, travelers who park their vehicles at Fargo's Hector International Airport can now reserve parking spaces near the terminal.
A company called SP+ Airport Services is in charge of the service, which works like this: Travelers can go online, or call  in advance to reserve a parking space in the first row of Hector's daily parking lot. Read More>>

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