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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Airport Parking Enforcement: Police or Customer Service?

Should parking enforcement personnel's number one job be a police officer or a customer service representative?
airport parking enforcement
What direction should Airport Parking Enforcement take?

Airport Parking Enforcement

I live in a town in New Jersey that has seen booming growth in the last couple years. It has become a year around hot spot, particularly on weekends in the summer. A couple years ago, the town numbered all the street parking spots and installed automatic parking meters. There was push back because we all hate change and even more so when something that we have gotten for free for so long is now a paid service.
Outside of the knee-jerk complaints, there were real problems with the technology. The machines broke down and wouldn't always accept payments. The technology problems were compounded by confusing signs on the paid parking hour. The result was numerous tickets being written in a short period of time. The local paper wrote an article on the issue, which I wish I could find online to link to. In addition to outlining the issues and economics of the paid parking, there were a couple paragraphs on parking tickets and the takeaway was that no tourist should come to town and leave with a parking ticket.
Parking enforcement is a tricky proposition. In the tourist town example above, if a tourist gets a ticket, will they ever come back? The same is for airport parking enforcement. There are definitely safety concerns in a post-911 society, but were do you draw the line. Do tickets really solve the problem or create a burden for everyone? Tickets create administrative issues throughout the collection process. How often do the penalties go uncollected? If parking enforcement acts as customer service people that are knowledgeable about the technology and parking process, they become leaders that can direct patrons to properly make payments. The result is a win-win. Positive cash flow for parking with payment coming on time with no collection concerns and the other side of the equation is a positive customer experience.
parking enforcement to thanksgiving airport parking reservationThe lead story, "Policing the Parking Garage - Parking Enforcement", covers this topic further. Where do you stand on parking enforcement? Should parking enforcement be police or customer service? Let us know in the comment section at the bottom of the page.
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