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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Airport Parking Expansion and The Parking Spot Acquisition

Every Tuesday and Thursday we give you a round-up of news that matters for Airport Parking operators and patrons.
airport parking expansion
Airport Parking Expansion in the News

Airport Parking Expansion

What are the things that stress you when you fly? Getting to your gate on time? Getting to the Airport? Where to park? To answer the last question, there is always a balancing act between, price, convenience, reliability, and availability. Even if the price is not a concern, the short-term lots fill up and unreliable shuttles and long distances from long-term and economy parking lots opens up the market for off-airport operators. One of these operators, The Parking Spot, has made a splash over the last 5 years plus. Their airport parking expansion has included opening new facilities at new airports, as well as acquiring existing airport parking operations.
In today's lead story, The Parking Spot has acquired an existing operation at the St. Louis Airport. This will be their second operation in St. Louis. While you are performing the "where to park" balancing act in your head, the players in the parking business are playing a parking balancing act at a much bigger scale.
Airport parking expansion involves a lot of players and even for an off-airport operator like The Parking Spot, the airport is still a major stakeholder. At the very basic level, The Parking Spot needs permission from the airport to access the grounds with their shuttles to pick up and drop off customers. So, the airport is acting as both a competitor for parking customers and a governing body for granting airport access. At times, this can be a very tenuous relationship. During times of growth and strong budget position, these relationships work well. In a downturn when airports have budget issues, the easiest step by an airport is to squeeze the off-airport parking operators and customers. Read the entire post on Airport Parking Expansion.

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